Korg M50

Korg have just released the M50, a stunning new synthesizer that encompasses the sonic essence and functionality of the Korg M3. It features a light-weight compact design that makes it ideal for live performance, band practice, and especially easy transportation.

The 88-note M50-88 uses the grand piano feeling RH3 keyboard, making it an ideal choice for a stage piano. Each voice contains a powerful oscillator section that can use up to eight stereo multisamples per voice (two oscillators, each with four-stage velocity switching/crossfading/layering), as well as up to four filters (two filters each with four modes and four routings), two amps, five LFOs, and five EGs. The abundant 256 Mbytes of ROM (when calculated as 16-bit linear) provides a total of 1,077 multisamples (including seven stereo multisamples) sampled at 48 kHz as well as 1,609 drum samples (including 116 stereo drum samples).

Main Features

– Rich and vivid sound using the same “EDS” (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) tone generator found on the upper-end M3
– An enormous 256 MB of PCM data*, provides 608 programs and 384 combinations featuring Korg’s acclaimed voicing expertise.
– The 61-key M50-61 and 73-key M50-73 use a new semi-weighted Natural Touch keyboard, while the 88 key M50-88 features the top-of-the-line Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) graded action keyboard.
– The Drum Track gives you 671 patterns to stimulate and support your realtime performance and song production.
– The Polyphonic Arpeggiator delivers from simple phrases up to complex rhythmic gestures, and lets you use two patterns simultaneously in Combination mode or Sequencer mode to create complete ensemble backing.
– The highly intuitive sequencer provides 16 MIDI + 1 master tracks with all the tools needed to capture and easily shape your musical ideas into polished productions.
– The large TouchView graphical user interface makes it easy to select sounds, adjust parameters and create your music easily.
– An SD card slot provides easy and affordable management of your sounds and songs.
– Included M50 Editor and M50 Plug-In Editor software lets you edit the sounds using your computer, and allows you to use the M50 as a plug-in instrument in your favorite DAW software (VST, Audio Units, and RTAS are supported).
– The M50-61 features a stylishly retro light-weight and compact design, and the M50-88 is the lightest weight 88-key keyboard Korg has ever made.

Regarding the internal sounds, the M50 contains 608 programs, 384 combinations each consisting of up to sixteen programs, and 32 drum kits used as oscillators for drum programs. From real acoustic instrument to vintages synths and imaginative textures, the M50 delivers the wide range of great sounds you expect from a Korg keyboard.

For the all-important piano sounds, three-stage velocity-switched stereo samples are programmed in conjunction with samples of the damper resonance, producing the most natural sound ever heard from a synthesizer. There are also mono piano programs for use on stage, as well as programs using the waveform memory of the classic Korg SG-1 Sampling Grand, which is still acclaimed by artists around the world.

New PCM memory includes numerous vintage electric piano and clav sounds. The vintage E-piano sound features multiple velocity switching, and effects powered by Korg’s REMS amp modeling technology to recreate the full vocabulary of tones you want. The Clav includes all the classic settings as well as loud and soft (two-stage velocity) samples for each tone, giving you a highly expressive sound that’s fun to play.

Also included are strings and flute sounds from the legendary tape playback instruments, still used in rock, pop and a wide variety of musical styles.

Each multi-part combination delivers sophisticated blends and splits for live performance, along with drum grooves and arpeggio parts that are fun to jam along with and are sure to inspire countless new song ideas.

There are also 256 programs and 9 drum programs that comply with the GM Level 2 sound map. User-edited data can also be saved into the internal memory, with space for 640 programs, 512 combinations, and 48 drum kits.

Another significant upgrade from the TR series has been the addition of the TouchView display that’s found on Korg’s high-end music workstations. The 320×240 pixel clear display ensures excellent visibility and operability, giving you easy access to an enormous amount of parameter information.
Finally, an essential feature for any DAW based musician is the inclusion of the M50 Plug-In Editor. This will let you can use the M50 as a plug-in instrument from within any host application. So therefore you would not need to any virtual instruments. This will also free up processing power that can used for other resources.

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  1. jessenia says:

    i like it i like it i like it!!!!!
    i am interested in getting one. how much are they?

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