New Takamine Guitars for 2010

Takamine has announced a plethora of new models at this year’s NAMM Show. The Takamine EG416S New Yorker is a small bodied electro-acoustic with a huge tone. The Takamine EG450SMC-SB is a NEX Body in sunburst finish, while the Takamine EG511SSC is a cedar-topped dreadnaught. The Takamine EG124C-BK and Takamine EG128SC-BK are black versions of Takamine’s popular entry level electro-classical models. Acoustic basses aren’t overlooked either. The Takamine EGB2S-N, natural finish, Takamine EGB2S-BK , black, are solid-spruced topped jumbo bodies with the tp4t pre-amp.

The Takamine Ltd 2010 is the latest limited edtion model that Takamine Bring out every year. This one features a Kimono cloth rosette and binding, all solid-construction and cool tube pream-

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One Response to New Takamine Guitars for 2010

  1. ZoZo Music says:

    Takamine makes some absolutely beautiful and great playing instruments. Great guitars!

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