New BC Rich Guitars for 2010

As lead guitarist of the band Soulfly, Marc Rizzo has turned heads with his incredible chops and technique. Taking his playing even further, his solo work on Shrapnel Records displays a stunning mastery of styles from metal to jazz and even flamenco guitar. Now, B.C. Rich teams up with Marc to introduce the Marc Rizzo Signature 7-String Stealth.

With its Onyx finish and silver painted bevels, this BC Rich Ironbird Pro looks amazing and offers professional features such as classic B.C. Rich neck-through construction and an EMG® 81 pickup. This guitar has the fire-power needed to heat up any stage.

B.C. Rich Zoltan Bathory Signature ASM models feature the dynamic tone and responsive touch that Zoltan demands. This comes from a combination of classic B.C. Rich neck-through construction, 25-1/2" scale length, Rockfield® Mafia™ pickups, Floyd Rose® Original tremolo units and a host of other small details. Now, you can get the very same guitar specs as Zoltan, even if you’re not a Rock Star… yet.

B.C. Rich Stealth Pro Marc Rizzo 7 String

B.C. Rich Ironbird Standard

B.C.Rich Ironbird Pro Spalt Maple

B.C. Rich Ironbird Pro Onyx

B.C. Rich Zoltan Bathory, Natural

B.C. Rich Zoltan Bathory Signature ASM Onyx with Ebony Fingerboard

B.C. Rich Zoltan Bathory Signature ASM Onyx with Maple Fingerboard

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