Great Onyx-i Promotions for April/May

Mackie’s Onyx-i Series FireWire Production Mixers launched last year and there are now tons of happy users out there. To this end, Mackie are offering some cool promotions during the months of April and May to encourage you to jump in. Here’s all the cool discounts and offers available starting April 1, 2010:

FREE Pro Tools M-Powered 8 Compatibility

Onyx-i mixers are the first ever third-party interface to work directly with Pro Tools. The compatible driver is now FREE for a limited time when purchasing an Onyx-i FireWire Production Mixer. Click here for details.

FREE Plug-in with Purchase of WavesLive MultiRack

Ever wanted to use your cool Waves plug-ins during a live show? Waves new MultiRack software makes it possible. Purchase WavesLive MultiRack during April/May and receive Waves AudioTrack plug-in free of charge. Click here for details.

Compatible Products

Mackie Onyx 820i

Mackie Onyx 1620i

Mackie Onyx 1640i

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