New Bugera Amps Available

Bugera has recently expanded on its range of low price valve amps. The Magician is a Boutique-Style 85-Watt 3-Channel Valve Combo with Multi-Class A/AB Operation, Varipower and Reverb. The Boutique-Style 100-Watt TRIREC is 3-Channel Valve Amplifier Head and features Tri-Mode Rectifier, Reverb and Varipower. The Bugera BC15 is the ideal choice for guitarists seeking authentic tube-tone in a compact combo. The BC30-212 is a musical instrument unto itself; it’s the complement your guitar has always lacked, and the extra band member you’ve always needed. That’s because unlike most amps, the BC30-212 actually communicates with you and your guitar, responding to the subtle characteristics of your playing technique and giving your creativity a voice all its own.
Bass players aren’t forgotten either. Lovingly handmade and sporting vintage styling, the BVV3000 merges in-your-face bass with state-of-the-art features, such as a 5-position Voicing selector that’s sure to transport you back in time.

Finally, the Bugera 212V-BK vintage 2 x 12 cabinet is the ideal complement to the Bugera range of amplifiers, with 140 Watts of explosive power handling and versatility as well as it’s stylish good looks, and exceptionally rugged construction ensuring long life.

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