New Gator Multi-Effects Gigbag range

Multi-effects pedals have made it easy these days to condense an entire array of effects pedals down to one nice compact board. So now you’re ready to rock with an entire world of effects at your disposal. However, when it’s time to take the show on the road, what do you do to ensure that world of effects travels safely by your side?

The answer…Gator’s got you covered. With the release of Gator’s Multi-FX bags, you and your pedals can rest at ease. This rugged nylon bag features a thick ½" padded interior. A large zippered accessory pocket provides storage for cables, tuners, capos, and all the other little goodies that keep you rocking. Throw it over your shoulder with its adjustable shoulder strap or carry by your side with its comfortable padded grip handle.

Gator’s Multi-FX bag is available in 3 sizes to most popular multi-effects pedal boards; the 11” x 10” Multi-FX 1110, the 15” x 10” Multi-FX 1510, and for the largest pedal boards there is the Multi-FX 2411 measuring 24” x 11”.

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