The new Yamaha TRB104, TRB1005 and TRB1006

The Yamaha TRB was born as a versatile 6-string bass guitar along with the greater involvement of synthesizers in music in end of 1980s. TRB has been developed to cover low tonal range with a 6th string (low B), which could not be reached by orthodox 4-string bass, and also the 1st (high C) makes possible for advanced players for further improvisation and expression.

The TRB has employed a longer scale length of 35" to increase crisp tonal character in low range and great feel for string tension. TRB’s low-noise PU and 3-band active circuit produce well-balanced clear sound and provide access to a wider range of tonal possibilities. As a result of Yamaha’s countless efforts for innovation, TRB has been supported by many professional musicians since its debut in 1989 and become an icon of a 5-string and 6-string bass in the world. The whole range:

Yamaha TRB1004J Natural | TRB1004J Caramel Brown | TRB1004J Trans Black | TRB1004J Solid Black | TRB1005J Natural | TRB1005J Caramel Brown | TRB1005J Trans Black | TRB1005J Solid Black | TRB1006J Natural | TRB1006J Caramel Brown | TRB1006J Trans Black | TRB1006J Solid Black

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One Response to The new Yamaha TRB104, TRB1005 and TRB1006

  1. Giannis says:


    What about the electronics of this bass?

    I have heard that this is a very nice bass, customizable for many music styles, but a lot of people mention thing about its noisy electronics. Do you have any idea about this? I wanted to buy this instrument (without playing it before, as I live away from big cities).

    What is your opinion?

    Also, the last year’s model has been discontinued by many stores, and I was thinking if the new model might solve these slight issues with the electronics, if any?

    Thanx in advance!

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