Yamaha SG1820

The Yamaha SG1820 is the latest in a long line of Yamaha’s SG Guitars. Launched in 1974 the Yamaha SG was the guitar that proved that Japanese guitars should be taken seriously. With the classic SG2000 developed in association with Carlos Santana, the SG has long been a players favourite thanks to a combination of incredible sound, outstanding playability and individual styling.

Developed in direct response to player requests and what guitarists want from Yamaha SGs ssing direct feedback from Yamaha’s London, LA and Tokyo Artist Relations offices. The guitars are specced with the custom-shop parts that artists want and need and finished with new simpler cosmetics that players have been asking for.

Yamaha SG1820 Sunburst | Yamaha SG1820 Black | Yamaha SG1820 White

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