Music man Classic Stingray 4

Music Man has just released the Classic Stingray 4. Announced at the 2010 NAMM show, this fabulous looking bass is the next level in the long and cherished history of probably the best active bass ever created. The new Classic Stingray 4 is incredibly light for a solid wood bodied bass (weighing in at only 4.65 kg); it comes in the 6 classic Music Man colours, with the classic hardened steel string-through Body Bridge, stainless steel saddles and adjustable mute pads. If you are after the very best in bass sound and looks, then this is the bass for you!

Music Man Classic Stingray 4 White Rosewood Fingerboard | Classic Stingray 4 Sunburst RW | Musicman Classic Stingray-4 Blue with Rosewood Neck | Musicman Classic SR4 Red with Maple neck | Music man Classic Stingray Red RW | Musicman Classic SR-4 Green with Rosewood Fingerboard | Musicman Classic Stingray 4 string blue with a maple fingerboard

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