Fender extend the Rumble Series to include heads and cabs

Fender has added to their popular Rumble range of bass amps with the addition of 2 heads and 3 cabs. Both the Fender Rumble 350 bass head and the Rumble 150 bass head feature Ultra lightweight and highly efficient Class D power stages that deliver a perceived volume far above their stated wattage ratings.

Other Rumble features include:

• Switchable and blendable overdrive.

• Punch and Scoop presets.

• 3 Band EQ with semi-parametric mid control.

• Delta Comp, adaptive compression.

• XLR out for live or studio feed.

• Effects Loop.

• Aux input for MP3 player / Drum machine etc

Both the 2×8 and 1×12 cabs feature Neodymium magnet drivers making them both highly portable

while still retaining plenty of definition and punch and are designed to be used in either orientation.

The 4×10 represents great value for money being one of the most aggressively priced and highly spec’ed

4×10 cabinets on the market. This model ships with removable casters. All 3 cabs feature Fender’s magnetic

amp lock system ensuring the Rumble heads will sit (and remain) perfectly in place during use and all

3 models feature high frequency control for the tweeters.

Fender Rumble 150 Head | Fender Rumble 350 Bass Head | Fender Rumble 2×8 Bass Cab | Rumble 1×12 Bass Cabinet | Rumble 410 Bass Cab

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