Your own Portable Studio: The Brand New Alesis iO StudioDock for iPad and iPad 2 now available at SoundsLiveShop

The Alesis StudioDock is the device that musicians with iPads have been waiting for. No longer will your iPad sit idly by you while you create music. The Alesis iO Studiodock transforms your iPad or iPad 2 into your very own portable studio. Also known as the iO dock, it has been garnering amazing reviews from many audio and tech sites around the globe and now it is available to buy at SoundsLiveShop.

Without the iO StudioDock, the iPad and iPad 2 are limited to the amount of instruments they can tether to the hardware – Alesis have came up with this extremely useful and capable solution. The iO StudioDock allows you to connect all of your audio gear to the world of apps. This device truly does allow anyone with an iPad to produce and perform their own music with pretty much any instrument or piece of audio gear!

Recording a tune has never been easier. A band can simply plug in their outputs from their mixer and record performances. Guitarists and bassists are able to utilise the StudioDock’s guitar-direct switch, which allows the player to perform and record straight into an amplifier/effects modelling app. There are a lot of quality apps that work including: Multitrack DAW, Electribe, i-MS20, Looptastic HD, StudioTrack, Nanostudio and many, many more.

If you are a producer then simply use the iO Dock’s MIDI jacks to sequence external keyboards, drum machines, samplers and synthesizers. Perform using the iO Dock as the sound module in conjunction with a MIDI-compliant keyboard, a drum pad or other controller.

The Alesis iO Studiodock can do a lot, here’s a quick list of its features:

  • Hook it up to guitars, microphones, speakers, headphones, MIDI controllers and many more instruments.
  • Can connect to televisions and projectors via its video output
  • Universal device that works with nearly all audio & MIDI apps (including Multitrack DAW, Electribe, i-MS20, Looptastic HD, StudioTrack and Nanostudio)
  • Guitar-direct switch
  • 2 1/4″ and 1/4″ outputs – headphone + separate volume controls
  • 2 combo XLR-1/4″  inputs for use with instruments and audio gear
  • Control: MIDI In, MIDI Out, USB MIDI, and assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input
  • Create, play back and perform music anywhere – a true portable studio

Combine the versatility of the StudioDock with the power of your home computer and connect the StudioDock and iPad up to your Mac or PC using the USB port and send MIDI back and forth. Because of its size and portability it is perfect for a touring band or producer on the move. The dock is slick-looking but very strong and durable and encases the iPad so that it’s protected from any potential hazards nearby.

The Alesis StudioDock is compatible with both the original iPad and iPad2. Click here to check it out at SoundsLiveShop.

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