The Fender Precision Bass vs the Fender Jazz Bass Guitar: Which one should you choose and why?

An epic bass line can propel a song to legendary status. Take a look at “7 Nation Army” by The White Stripes – that powerful, booming bass line is instantly identifiable. Even if you have not heard of The White Stripes, chances are you will recognise that bass line; it is one of the most unforgettable rock bass riffs of the 21st century. Choosing the best bass guitar for you and your style of play is absolutely vital. Picking out the right bass can become a confusing ordeal, especially with all the different models and brands out there – each one being advertised as the best (naturally!). Lets simplify this process and have a look at some of the best and most suitable bass guitars on the market for you.

Lets look at arguably the biggest name in guitars and bass guitars, Fender. Fender have 2 very different yet equally stellar bass guitars in the form of the Precision Bass guitar and the Jazz Bass guitar ranges. The Fender Precision Bass was adopted by the people en masse when it was released in 1951. Now 60 years later it is updated, improved and still loved by bass players all over the world. The Fender Jazz Bass came to market 9 years later, a great alternative to the Precision Bass for many Jazz players who lacked that Jazz flavour to their music. Lets see which one of these modern interpretations is best suited for you.

Fender Precision Bass Guitar in red available at Sounds Live Shop

The Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar available in Candy Apple Red

The Fender Precision Bass is ideal for punk, rock and indie sounds. Used by Rock and Indie Royalty such as The Smiths, Thin Lizzy, Blur and R.E.M as well as an heir apparent in the Arctic Monkeys this instrument has proved that it is timeless and versatile for many rock sounds. Fender have not tinkered with the original too much over the years and the most recent version of the Precision Bass looks strikingly similar to the very first P-Bass from 1951. The guitars fretboard contains 20 frets, it features a high-mass vintage bridge and a single split coil pickup. The undercoat is also a thinner finish than previous models which Fender say allows the bass guitars body to breathe which in turn adds more resonance to the sound. So if a loud, punchy, rocky style of music is what you play you definitely cannot go wrong with the Fender Precision Bass Guitar.

The Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Sunburst

Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar MN in Sunburst

Fenders Jazz Bass range of bass guitars(or J-Bass) produce a brighter and richer tone than the Precision. The Jazz Bass, not surprisingly, is ideal for Jazz music but is very fitting for disco, reggae, heavy metal and blues too. Crank both Jazz Bass pickups right up and the J-Bass will really growl – perfect for slap bass. The J-Bass has been described before as a “roaring racecar” of a bass, and it does not disappoint in the sound department nor the looks department with its familiar robust design and sleek finish. The latest models also come with a active/passive switch and passive tone control, boosting your tonal options. The Fender Jazz Bass is a brilliant premium bass guitar for a serious bass guitarist.

You cannot go wrong with either of the Fender Bass guitars,the choice really is dependant on what style of music you play. They are both great premium bass guitars and are available in a range of styles and colours at SoundsLiveShop. Click here to check out the full range of bass guitars on offer.

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One Response to The Fender Precision Bass vs the Fender Jazz Bass Guitar: Which one should you choose and why?

  1. nekosoto says:

    I use an American Fender Jazz Deluxe and I’m in love with its versatility. I bought it around this time last year and it was one of the best investments I ever made.

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