Roland TD-11K, TD-11KV, TD-15K and TD-15KV V-Drums Kits released at Frankfurt

Roland TD-11K, TD-11KV V-Compact along with TD-15K and TD-15KV V-Tour V-Drums were officially released at Frankfurt Music Messe. This new series of electronic drum kits features Roland’s acclaimed SuperNatural sound set, developed for the flagship TD-30KV, bringing new levels of technology to their entry level and mid-range V-Drum sets.

TD-11K and TD-11KV share the same TD11 Drum Module, with the KV version offering a superior pads setup, similarly on TD-15K and TD-15KV, which come with TD-15. The all new V-Compact TD11 series will eventually replace the current TD4 MKII series by the summer, with the V-Tour TD15 range updating TD9 MKII kits for spring 2012.

Last but not least comes Roland DAP-3X, which offers the ultimate accessory pack for all V-Drum kits and features a drum throne, kick pedal and drum sticks embossed with the V-Drums logo.

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