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Mackie Products support Windows 7

Mackie today announces Windows 7 support for a host of popular Mackie FireWire interfaces, including the all-new Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers. The following products will run the updated Mackie Universal Driver (V1.7): Mackie Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers Mackie … Continue reading

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Which Microphone Do I Buy?

Ok, so you been using the same microphone for the last ‘x’ many years and you’re looking for something that will bring the best out in your voice… but the choice on the market is so big at the moment, … Continue reading

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Connecting Balanced to UnBalanced Connections

Since products may use balanced connections, unbalanced or a mix of both, it may on occasion become necessary to connect balanced inputs to unbalanced outputs, or vice versa. However, one needs to pay close attention to how this is implemented, … Continue reading

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Balanced or Unbalanced Connections?

Within Pro Audio, recording and PA applications there is only one standard protocol for passing un-amplified or pre-amplified analogue signals, which is referred to as ‘Line Level’. However, Line Level comes in one of two varieties, namely Balanced or Unbalanced. … Continue reading

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Getting the best from your mixer

The mixer is probably the most important thing to get right in your setup. Whatever you are plugging into the mixer, or whatever speakers you are using, you won’t get the best from them until you have mastered your mixer. There are … Continue reading

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Powered or Passive?

It comes to that point where you need a pair of speakers because you either want to get on the road or get back on the road. Do you buy powered speakers, passive speakers, plastic speakers, wooden speakers? Wherever you … Continue reading

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Why do my speakers blow?

Speakers blowing is a problem that we have all encountered at one point or another and one which anyone with a P.A. system should really know about. There are a few reasons why a speaker would ‘blow’, the most common of which … Continue reading

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