Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ4 Consoles released

Allen & Heath release MixWizard WZ4, the 4th generation of their highly acclaimed live mixer range complete with USB audio interfaces for direct multi-track recording and playback. MixWizard WZ4 12:2 offers 12 input channels, with MixWizard WZ4 16:2 offering 16.

Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ4 mixer

Both mixing consoles boast an extremely musical 4-band EQ stage per channel, inbuilt digital effects, pro faders and a raft of additional features. In you’re looking for a new live PA mixer, then you’ve gotta check them out!

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Zoom H6 handy recorder released

Zoom H6 adds to the extremely popular range of digital handy recorders. H6 comes with an impressive line-up of features, including a world first in the form of a unique interchangeable mic system.

Zoom H6 handy multi-track MP3 recorder

H6 can also function quite happily as either a 6-track multitrack recorder or as a 6-in 2-out USB audio interface with 24-bit/96kHz resolution. Check out this little monster, which is due to ship next month in August.

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PolyTune Polyphonic Tuner Price Drop by TC Electronic

TC Electronic PolyTune caused somewhat of a stir in the world of guitar tuners when it was released a couple of years ago, offering a unique and fast way to tune all of your instruments strings at once.

TC Electronic PolyTune Guitar Tuner

Well, the news just gets better. Now priced at only £59, TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuners are as affordable as ever!

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Apogee One and Duet for iPad and Mac

Apogee for years has remained at the forefront of premium audio component design, with their line-up of OSX products offer sublime performance. A recent announcement has seen two of their most popular products to date, Apogee One and Duet, receive somewhat of a make over, in addition they now boast iPad connectivity.

Apogee One and Duet audio interfaces for iPad and Mac

Apogee One for Mac and iPad features an all new aluminium chassis and receives an additional input for 2-track recording. Apogee Duet for Mac and iPad retains the familiar layout of its predecessor, but boasts improved preamps and AD/DA conversion. Both connect direct to iPad and will even recharge when is use!

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Se Electronics Magneto Announced

Those looking for an affordable studio condenser microphone for capturing vocals or acoustic instruments on a budget should certainly check out the all new SE Electronics Magneto.

Se Electronics Magneto Studio Condenser Microphone

Magneto comes in at under £80 and offers an ideal solution for entry level users, in fact there is only one draw back – you’ll have to wait until July before they hit the shelves! Get you pre-order in now!

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Steinberg WaveLab 8 and Elements announced

Steinberg WaveLab has long been at the cutting edge of audio editing and mastering, used by numerous professional and project studios alike. With WaveLab 7, Steinberg took a huge step opening up what was until that time a PC only product to Mac users. Since then WaveLab has gone from strength to strength.

Steinberg WaveLab 8 and Elements

With the release of WaveLab 8, Steinberg introduce over 150 workflow improvements in addition to a new speaker management system and advanced EBU-compliant loudness metering and processing tools. WaveLab Elements 8 also offers an update to this entry level version, offering a serious editor at a highly affordable price.

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Nord Lead 4 series released by Clavia

The Clavia Lead range of synthesizers have built up a significant following within the synth community during recent years, offering players incredible performance from this iconic brand. The Lead series was originally released almost 20 years ago and the all new Nord Lead 4 notches up the volume within this stunning range of synths.

Nord Lead 4 Analog Synth

Loaded with an entirely new sound engine, filter and effects set you need to pay Nord Lead 4 a visit if you’re seriously considering a powerful synth to add to your arsenal.

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Yamaha Pocketrak PR7 digital recorder released at Frankfurt

The Yamaha Pocketrak range has proved to be an extremely flexible and popular range of portable audio recorders during recent years and the all new Pocketrak PR7 takes functionality to new levels of performance.

Pocketrak PR7 comes bristling with features, from an XY stereo condenser microphone, to its inbuilt speaker. It even boasts dynamics, USB file transfer, a tuner, metronome, and can be used for podcasting and pretty much anything else that involves some for of digital recording or musical entertainment. Ask it nicely and it’ll even put a brew on – check it out!

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Roland BK-9 Backing Keyboard released at Frankfurt

Looking for the ultimate Backing/Portable Keyboard for live gigs or the home? Then you’ve gotta check out the all new Roland BK9. This monster comes packed with all the latest goodies, and some old ones if the form of their stunning Tone Wheel Organ models.

Roland BK-9 Backing Keyboard

As for what’s under then bonnet, Roland BK-9 comes with the highly acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine and boasts over 1,700 sounds. This is backed up by 540 rhythms (including 25 new rhythms), a professional 16-track sequencer and features compatibility with Roland Wireless Connect, supporting USB connection.

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Boss RC505 released for Frankfurt

For those looking to create musical from phrases or loops comes the Boss RC505 Loop Station, which is designed for Beatboxers, street performers, DJs and for anyone looking to get quite inventive with sampling or looping.

Boss RC-505 Loop Station

Boss RC505 comes packed with 99 phrase memories, 85 onboard rhythm patterns and a variety of effects. In built USB offers seamless integration with PC/Mac based recording systems for flying phrases, samples or whatever back and forth, and 5 with 5 stereo recording tracks per phrase RC505 delivers somewhat of a looping monster.

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